Friday, January 9, 2009

Flavour of the Month: Parmesan

Does cheese hurt? I know the obvious physical consequences. Jeans not fitting, and me not looking oh, so trendy. Paris would so not approve. But seriously, about the mental cheese? And the effects on our thoughts and paradigm?

A couple of friends and I decided to catch a movie the other day, a completely cheesy romantic flick. We had no idea beforehand, and were surprised once it was over. Some pleasantly, and some not so. I admit came out rejuvenated and unashamedly fell in love with love again. I was all smiles, beaming so much, I couldve passed off as the identical twin of Krusty. But apparently irritated some of the others. They felt that it was just too corny and ott. The heroine fell inlove with her nerdy husband (it was an arranged marriage) once she discovered what a sweetheart he really was and the sacrifices he made to keep her happy.

Which made me wonder. What was so over the top about that? The fact that he participated in a sumo wrestling competition to impress her? That he loved her unconditionally? Or that she loved him back? That she looked past his not so hot exterior?

I dont know. What I do know however, is that cheese is what makes my world go round. I love long letters and poems professing love, completely public displays of love and the heart of the guy who participated in the wrestling tournament. Because cheese makes me smile. So whichever it is, Brie, Parmesa, Ricotta or the plain old Cheddar, I say, bring it on. :)

Take that, Paris.