Sunday, May 31, 2009

Confessions of a Telly Addict

The telly is addictive.For me, at least. I can watch anything and everything boradcasted. Sitcoms, movies, cartoons, news programs, debates, discussions, foreign movies, MTV, cooking shows, documentaries, soaps, cultural performances, etc, etc. I can vegetate in front of the telly 3 hours weekdays and up to eleven hours on weekends.

This morning, a timely wake up call arrived. Deciding to sleep in a little today, I woke up a little later than normal, still woozy and hobbling into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of orange juice, ready to live out my perfect, lazy Sunday. Then there it was. The loud blaring of the telly. My mum was watching a movie in a foreign language at 10.30am! I never really thought about how unsettling the noise was to others, until experiencing it this morning.

So starting today, I am pledging to turn off the telly and just live a little more. However tired I am after work. I pledge to talk. To sip a little wine and to eat dinner with company, not in front of the telly. I think its grand idea. Nina has discussed this tv addiction phenomenon previously, even going as far as declaring her Tuesdays tv-free, but I couldnt join in before. I wasnt ready. I still cant do that yet, switching off the tv for an entire day, but I refuse to watch it mindlesslyat the expense of my life. So what is your bad habit that you'd like to get rid off?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Best Bit/Find Today

I am very excited about my new find. I stumbled upon it by chance only an hour ago, but what a treat it has been! Its only 11 am but I am going on a limb here and announcing my it as my best bit for today.

So here it is , ladies. A new blog that I absolutely adore here. She is wise, inspiring, funny and says lots and lots of clever things. I just read her memorial day post and its brilliant to say the least. So read away, darlings, and hope its a fun find for you too! And to Jules, I really cannot wait to read more posts!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mister Meeting

I miss being in a relationship. Its true. So much, I am yearning for it.
I miss being able to always have someone to have dinner with, no matter what day of the week; talking about nothing and having him listen unconditionally; I miss spoiling him rotten. I miss daydreaming about him in the middle of the day; holding hands; I miss calling /receiving calls for no apparent reason; smiling for no apparent reason. Mainly, I miss loving and being loved by someone.

It is a quest, isnt it? To seek the perfect fit. The Yin to my Yang. The strawberries on my shortcake . The key to my heart. I admit it.The last one was ott corny.:):)
I cant quite tell if the Big Ben I have for a biological clock is prompting me to find a decent bloke to produce semi-decent offspring or if I really am ready for another relationship. For now though, maybe its best I concentrate on fulfilling my personal everyday quest. To read another few pages, to take walks at the park, to splurge on comfy pillows, and to try and be the best person I can be. Every day.
And Love, you ask? Love will come.
p/s: Please bear with the stuck-together paragraphs. Cannot seem to separate them for some strange reason!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today's Best Bit

I treated myself today (it IS friday, after all) and bought the most decadent pair of orange exfoliating gloves. Dont they look delicious?:) So delicious, images of butterscotch ice cream, toffee, mango flavoured lollies and cubed peaches took turns swirling in my head. All day.I kid you not. No, really. I inadvertently increased my productivitiy levels exponentially at work.:):)

At lunchtime, I walked into the store knowing exactly what I wanted, and marched towards the relevant section. Spotted the gloves and spent 5 minutes deciding on the colour. Settled on yummy butterscotch. Proceeded to daydream again. Euphoria, baby.:) Undeniably best bit of my day.

Best bits rock, don't they? If you think so too, I am proposing this. Every week, I will pick a day in which I will talk about little bits of my day that made my step a tad bouncier, my smile an inch wider, and my eyes a little dreamier. And you tell me about yours best bits of your day too. So the happy travels. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April Adventures

My laptop blew up. No kidding. Sadly for me, that meant no blogging till it got repaired. It is fixed now, but Id like to apologise to all of you lovelies, for the extended absence.Also because I am not one of those people who blog in cybercafes. Just cant bring myself to do it. On the bright side, the brilliant implication is, *drumroll* ....I have so much to say! So lookout ladies, heres one jam-packed JUICY post coming your way!And to make your reading journey easier, I will head paragraphs:):)


This little paragraph is dedicated to Dionne, who made my day today when she asked how I was finding my new job. Thanks, hun! The new job is exciting and challenging and I've made some really nice friends, and its all really exciting so really, Im soaking it up at the moment. Am struggling a little with the new boss (who isnt, right?) who clearly is not overjoyed that I'm of a different racial background than her, but am managing for now (by managing, I mean working 13 hour days). Other than that, I love the work.

Sisters wedding
My little sister has decided to get married this August, ( yes it IS four months away) so we are working frantically to organise three whole events (the wedding ceremony, a dance party and a formal dinner party) in the short time. I have to confess though, that most of the time, instead of looking for decorators and ordering cakes, Im actually walking past stores hunting for the perfect cocktail dress! Okay, so ladies, I might need your help here. I have a bit of a tummy and am looking for an extremely tummy-forgiving dress. Any particular cut/design you would recommend?

Kite Runner
I picked up this book a couple of days ago after wanting to read it for the longest time. So, with great expectations, I devoured page after page. What a book! For those of you who have not read it, this is the time! Its gripping, the characters are completely relatable and really, its brilliant! A complete eye opener. Perfect example of acting upon second chances.

Wicked Weekends
The weekends have been good for me this month. Managed to drive up to the beach last weekend, had too much delish seafood, and caught up with my reading. Also have been trying to perfect the art of painting on glass. Lets just say Ive got a long way to go, but i'm enjoying it, so why not, right?

Well, that in a nutshell, are my highlights for the month of April. Am looking to cut back on my working hours in May by either getting ALOT more efficient or discussing my workload with the boss. And taking more weekend trips . And reading more. :) So till my next adventure (I pomise I wont take too long!), I bid you adieu!:)


ps: There is no relevance of the picture to the post, but I happened to stumble upon it and its beautiful, so just sharing it here:)