Friday, December 31, 2010

Season's Greetings!

2010, like previous years, was a mixed bag of love, family, friends, falls, dreams, lessons and new adventures. Tonight, I am going to usher in the new year at a barbecue party with family and friends whilst sipping some champagne, dancing to horrendous 80's music (for some reason- my family loves ABBA and MJ ) and talking. I cant think of a more perfect way to celebrate 2010:)

Heres a list of to-dos I hope to achieve in 2011
  • Expand my set of friends
  • Get active
  • Attend more parties
  • Manage work better
  • Save some $$
  • Laugh more
Any to dos on your list for 2011? Do share! Happy New Year all and wishing you the best in 2011!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lovely to-do lists

At my job, December and June are our busiest months in the year.

This year,I volunteered for additional work. With the added responsibility came the added hours at office (18-hour workdays), and the inevitable stress . I don't quite manage stress well and hence have been having a pretty schlumpy December. Fortunately, Ive cleared work, as of today, and now its time to unwind and have some fun! To start the fesitivities, Ive created a fun to-do list for the next four days.

And the activities included are:
  1. Getting started on reading Twilight. I'm relenting to global pressures. Shhh!:)
  2. Spring cleaning my bedroom-I love clean sheets, and the smell of freshly laundered clothes.
  3. Cooking paella. This is by far my favourite-est dish, and I've been just a tad scaredy-cat to attempt cooking it. Wish me luck!
  4. Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies. They are cheesy, over the top and just my type of Christmas movie.
  5. Taking a nice long relaxing bath complete with pedis and manis.The indulgence!
  6. Finding a gorgeous dress for Christmas and my birthday.I am just a teeny anxious about hitting 30, but Im hoping my my magical new dress will make me feel better!

So what are your ways to unwind from a particularly stressful week? Is it a bath, wine, food, books? What helps you relax?

(art by: Richard Dingwall)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Weekend Inspiration

Evidently, I haven't quite been writing furiously and to be honest, I don't want to dwell on on the reasons why. I will say this, I felt like I didn't have anything worthwhile to write about for a while there, and I hope to change it this time around.

Weekends are a special time for me, like everyone else.I pack in a load of activities into my weekend to maximise every minute. Sometimes, I even compromise on sleep to do this.

Mostly, I look forward to attending nights out with friends, cooking(occasionally), catching up on movies and reading. On a side note, I'm currently reading East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Its a surprisingly engrossing read -despite Oprah's book club sticker. I adore and am inspired by the woman, we just read different:). The characters are raw, complex and real. Highly recommended reading, if you haven't had the chance to read it yet.

This weekend is both my sister's and father's birthday. Tomorrow, plans are to have a fun night out (dinner and dancing!) with my sister and on Saturday, we are hosting a tiny dinner party for my dad. I want to do something special for the party on Saturday night but cant decide what. Im thinking 'thank you' cards or helping out with the dining table decorations.
What do activities do you like to engage in during the weekends?

PS: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Heres to a fun filled weekend with your loved ones:)
photo credit: Cassia Beck

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Laugh... No, Guffaw Through Life

Sometimes, all you need is a good laugh. And boy, did I get one. I met up with 4 of my bestest friends and it was a laugh fest from the word go. Recounting past mishaps, (mis)adventures and our drunken antics.My tummy still hurts and I am still beaming. Although, to be totally honest, I am trying very hard(but unsuccessfully) to keep it under control and not appear ridiculous/insane in public. Its been a longest time. Mental note to self: Repeat this as often as I can.

So tell me, what makes you laugh?

ps: Am coming up with a reasonably long post soon. This post couldn't wait, though:)

photo credit: Tamara Gazer