Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good News!

I was offered a position last week and so far it sounds terrific! So I start tomorrow, and will be reporting to the human resource department with my signature jumbo cup of soy milk!:)So thank you all guys, for all the support, kind wishes and good luck you sent my way. I am thoroughly appreciative and blessed.
Now, I am concentrating on experience every last delicious non-working moment. Which means How I Met Your Mother marathons, afternoon naps, hanging out at the park and blogging.
ps. I am a vision board convert now. It truly works!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Its been a pretty long time since I felt really tired and ready for bed. Im not an insomniac by any stretch of imagination, but really, being jobless does take its toll after the first 2 months. So its a great relief today that at midnight (which is early for me) I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. i atttended 3 interviews today and went for one medical check up running up and down town. Baby steps, it is.:)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cat Fights on Different Levels

I am terrified of conflicts. To illustrate, here's a story.Two cats which live in my neighbourhood, constantly fight each other. They are adorable creatures by themselves, but when they meet, they are as fierce as tigers. I'm not joking. They literally engage in face offs, tear each others skins off but mainly try and murder each other. Like I said, serious business. Every time I walk up/down my street, I pray to a higher power so we dont cross paths. Such is my fear of confrontations. Cat confrantations included.

I shy away from confrontations, mainly because I despise having tension in the room. I need life to be a party. Like happy days, every day. There are many issues in my life that I have learnt to ignore or simply let go because of this.

My weight has been an easy target for jokes or comments from my family for more than 18 years. Like I do not kid you, every 4 minutes, and its time to comment on Dash's weight. I never really confronted anyone or told them it was mean and hateful all along. I never was going to anyway. All was going well.

Yesterday, as my siblings and I were watching Biggest Loser on tv, my older sister passed a comment that it was going to be REALLY difficult for me to lose weight, as not only was I fat, I was lazy.

Cue Dash. After 18 years, I blew up. The rage I held in for too long burst out and I let her know that she was being rude and arrogant, and that it was not nice in ANY country to spit out hateful comments. Which was more than enough for her to blow up. She told me she was sick of me being fat and being an embarassment to her. Long story short, the fight went on for about an hour.

I regret the manner I told her how I felt, but strangely I am overjoyed that I let it out after so many years. I am overjoyed that I stood up for myself, for once. I wasn't going to be bullied so we all live in pretend Utopia.

I dont know how to deal with this. She sees her taunting as motivation for me to lose the weight. Even though she has been told otherwise. In my opinion, its a bad habit she is defending so she will not have to deal with it.

But I suppose I have to learn to deal. She is not about to change her principals, so I guess it has to be me.

Ah, to be siblings, yet still SANE!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Paying Chivalry Forward

It makes my day when I happen to catch an act of kindness. Or chivalry. On Saturday evening, on my way home from the beach, an old Asian woman got on the bus (my route) and we were about half an hour into the journey when she realised that she caught the wrong bus. It certainly didnt help that she parked her car15 minutes in the opposite direction. She decided to inform the driver. As I tried to get her bearings sorted out in my mind, a young man probably about 18-20 years of age, sprung up and offered her a lift home. Normally, I would advise friends and family never to wholly trust strangers, but this guy, he sounded genuine. She accepted. Still skeptical, I walked up to her, gave her my mobile number and told her to ring me as soon as she got home, so I'd know she was safe.

20 minutes after I reached home, she called. She told me that the young man drove her to her parked car, and tailed her till she got home as it was dark and he was worried. She went on to say she couldnt believe how kind people were this part of the world. She was a tourist. She gave me her number and promised to write. Best of all, she promised to pass the favor on.

The hero for the day- the young student who drove her home, no questions asked,- I will never forget for that simple act of kindness. Especially in a world where young executives refuse to sacrifice their seats for pregnant women on the train. That Saturday, he taught me an important lesson too. Trust. I too, promise to pass the favor on.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When I Grow Up

This will be first dream/vision board that I am working on. Numero uno. Which might sound daunting to some folks, but frankly, I was raring to go. Arts and crafts are totally my thing. Bring it on. I love assembling pretty pictures and talking about myself. Plus, I googled 'vision boards' and have seen some really amazing samples. So, easy peasy, right?

Wrong!!:):)What started off as a fun project has now forced me to reflect and re-evaluate my goals, the person I want to become and really what my purpose here on earth is-short and long term. It's a tad overwhelming, simply because I realised very quickly after that I dont have clear goals or objectives.Which I now know is the perfect opportunity to deciphering my dreams. One dream at a time. How much more fun can you ask for?

Heres a snapshot of what might be on my dream/vision board as of this minute. Unfortunately, I seriously lack the ability to collate images on my computer-even with photoshop, but I hope this inspires you to create your own vision board and turn your every dream into a living reality. Cheers to the adventure!

    Note on Picture 1-5
    1. Living Well
    2.Landing My Dream Job
    3. Meeting a man like my secret crush, Dr. Oz
    4.Visiting the Taj Mahal
    5. Getting a bedroom makeover
                                    Off to Decipher Dreams,