Thursday, November 6, 2008


Today, I am making a choice. A choice to dream. A choice to live. A choice to live out my dreams. Because I deserve it. Because I am worthy. Because I need this. Because I refuse to sink.

Journeys, destinations, and epiphonies require the bare, stripped down naked truth. No embellishments, no jades, and no extra sprinkles on the top. So I will tell the truth.

There are both positive and negative truths I need to face up to. Positive first. I am kind. I am beautiful both inside and out. I care. I love people. I am smart. I am funny. I am fiercely loyal. Now, the negatives. I am overweight.I am 5' 2" in height and now weighing 80kgs. My excess weight is threatening to banning me from life. Next one. I am unemployed for now. I need a job so i can live out my dreams. Third, I need to learn to love myself . I need to accept me. Strengths, weaknesses and dreams. All of it.

So today, I am deciding to walk. Walk around the lake for half an hour. I will try. My absolute hardest. Tonight, I will not beat myself up if I discover shock at my unfit body. Tonight I will be at peace.


Dallas Diaries said...

I know you say you love the way I write but honestly your way of words is inspiring, so dont ever belittle yourself. EVER.

You go girl, do what you want to do, take a stand, make that change. People always forget that in order to be happy in life, it starts with loving themselves.

Dash said...

aweee... thanks so much pri! and cheers to self acceptance!