Friday, March 18, 2011

Inspired By Pretty

Here it is, lovelies! Do you like it? Id like to extend a BIG thank you to Dionne, who graciously designed the brilliant header (yay!). Isn't she talented? I admit I fell in love with her illustrations the very first time I laid eyes on her blog, so I was more than elated when she agreed to help me out. Thats right, I have awesome blog buddies. And looking forward to making many, many more:)

This week, inspired by the pretty happenings on my blog, I decided to extend the beauty to my real world too. So much so, beige roses , colourful rugs and apple-scented candles(my favourite things) have sneaked their way into my bedroom.It is so relaxing here now that I knocked off before dinnertine last night! Eeep!

So tell me girls,what is the one little thing you can change today to make you cheery?
Photo credit: Laura

1 comment:

Dionne said...

Awww thanks, hun! And wow, your bedroom sounds like a spa, how lovely! It's amazing how fresh flowers can totally add a new dimension to a room!