Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Best Bit/Find Today

I am very excited about my new find. I stumbled upon it by chance only an hour ago, but what a treat it has been! Its only 11 am but I am going on a limb here and announcing my it as my best bit for today.

So here it is , ladies. A new blog that I absolutely adore here. She is wise, inspiring, funny and says lots and lots of clever things. I just read her memorial day post and its brilliant to say the least. So read away, darlings, and hope its a fun find for you too! And to Jules, I really cannot wait to read more posts!


Just Jules said...

OHHHH thank you. I am always so humbled when someone says such nice things. And then I wonder why you guys read this stuff ;) You crazy people you!

Come on over and join me- as I told Dash, I love company.

marinik said...

I second that Dash, I've been going over there quite often, love ya Jules.

Dionne said...

I love blog recommendations. And her recent post was very touching and made me realize how blessed I am.

marinik said...

speaking of touchy posts, i posted a friends letter today, it is a beautiful story, got the time? stop by and read it :)

Dash said...

Jules: Oh, The pleasure is all mine! I am so happy i found your page! and , ive already commented on a few posts:)

Marinik:YEs, its a beautiful post. Ive commented on your page, but thanks agian for sharing.:)

Dionne: I know what you mean. I never thought of freedom not being free. I saw it as a birthright.But i really get it now. Heroes have sacrificed their lives for us to live free.

Anonymous said...

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