Friday, May 22, 2009

Mister Meeting

I miss being in a relationship. Its true. So much, I am yearning for it.
I miss being able to always have someone to have dinner with, no matter what day of the week; talking about nothing and having him listen unconditionally; I miss spoiling him rotten. I miss daydreaming about him in the middle of the day; holding hands; I miss calling /receiving calls for no apparent reason; smiling for no apparent reason. Mainly, I miss loving and being loved by someone.

It is a quest, isnt it? To seek the perfect fit. The Yin to my Yang. The strawberries on my shortcake . The key to my heart. I admit it.The last one was ott corny.:):)
I cant quite tell if the Big Ben I have for a biological clock is prompting me to find a decent bloke to produce semi-decent offspring or if I really am ready for another relationship. For now though, maybe its best I concentrate on fulfilling my personal everyday quest. To read another few pages, to take walks at the park, to splurge on comfy pillows, and to try and be the best person I can be. Every day.
And Love, you ask? Love will come.
p/s: Please bear with the stuck-together paragraphs. Cannot seem to separate them for some strange reason!


marinik said...

Oh Dash.... love is great, with all it's ups and downs...
but hang in there, when all the little things in your life fall into place, that too shall come
missed you for a couple of days, thanks for the comments on my blog, they make my day :)

Amaresh Ch Das said...

Dash , it reall y heart touching
alos i like marinik's comment as "love is great, with all it's ups and downs..."

good one ....


Just Jules said...

hello, thank you so much for finding your way over to my blog. I love to have company. Come by again. Comment often. Feel free to dance around my place anytime

Dionne said...

Yes, I know that feeling. Fortunately I ended up finding my "The One", and you'll find yours too.

A friend of mine once said that she made it her mission to completely love herself and her life and be at a point where she would be completely content with being single for the rest of her life. I couldn't believe it, but she achieved that! And then six months later, she ended up meeting the guy she married a fer years later.

Dash said...

marinik: Thank you! i guess i just felt a little bummed out that day, but thanks for the kind kind words!

Amaresh: i love it too! thanks for stoppng by! will stop by and say hello on your blog!

Jules: Thanks for the opportunity! I will stop and play quite often! thanks!

Dionne: Dionne, thank you for the inspiring story. I needed that little reminder!

Amaresh Ch Das said...


Really i like this type toipic mostly .. love , hope, life and alll.... related to immotion and sentiment

your blog is totaly same .. wht i like

Thanks your comment!!

Amaresh Ch Das said...

But i am still single looking for Love .. i like to this type of meeting ..

Ha ha ha :D

An Carol said...

Missing it missing !! i don`t like missing .if that me only can do then of the all the missing it passed . The meaning it never come back of all . This only my mind .But i thought that of you of your missing it ture it nice all .