Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Musings and an Interesting Date

Lately, I have been secretly yearning for lush, long hair. Im talking waist length. I want to put it up, straighten it, curl it, etc. Theres a real quiet sexy confidence about long hair, I think, that cannot be felt by others but by the wearer everytime she thinks of it or even feels its ends swishing at the back of her waist. :) I have a dream.;

On a different note, I have been working really hard the past few months, and it just dawned unto me that I havent really stepped out of my comfort zone and immersed myself in new cultures or seen more places. Id like to go to India, or Japan or the Greek Islands, or Egypt anywhere interesting. I actually started dreaming after seeing Dionne's picturesof the Greek Islands. . :) Also, if any of you have recommendations, please yell them out!I love hearing about exciting places!

Also, went on a date this weekend. it has been quite a while,so I am a little rusty. It turned out interesting to say the least. A mutual friend introduced us and so we decided to meet for lunch. He was super nice and interesting and funny and generally I got a feeling that he was the good sort. Although, he confessed later that he was actually in a serious relationship with someone else and that his family wasnt too happy with it and that was why he was forced to come out on dates. Errm Yes. THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED. soi told him it was great meeting him, i wished him well, and that i hoped everything worked out for him. He was a sweetheart though. Id sure like to be friends with him.

So that, in a nutshell, was my weekend. I did also manage to catch up with some friends and family, as well as buy new sheets (yeay!) and visit the local cafe and read some books. Loved it all.


Kaye Prince said...

Oh Dash, did your friend know that he was in a relationship?

Your weekend seems like it was lovely! I wish I could have got some reading done.

Hehe, that was just the angle of the picture that made it look like that window looks over trees. It actually looks over our apartment's parking lot; the trees are in our back neighbour's yard. I really wish it did look out on trees - that would be lovely!

Dionne said...

What the heck?!!! He was in a relationship?!!! I can't believe it!

And YES to the greek islands. So gorgeous. Switzerland is also really beautiful. The world just has soooo many gorgeous places to go see.

What are you talking about? you already have long pretty hair!!!!

marinik said...

sounds like a full weekend, you know i've been dreaming of my long hair too, so i'm not cutting my hair anymore...that's it.
ahhh the greek islands...love greece overall if i had to choose anywhere to live that would be it, i am part greek so my blood yearns for it.
as far as the guy... oh boy that's not cool, you know when i was young something exactly like this happened to me, so i told him... if you love her just be with her...it is after all your life and your happiness... years later...he still ended up marrying someone his mom picked out for him... whatever.

Anu said...

What a date...but at least u had fun...and have more dates! :)

Oh u must go to Bali, Indonesia at least once...it's just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

u my dear deserve someone way better than that. he had no place coming to a date while having a steady gf. period.

go to prague if u get the chance. u will fall in love.

btw, whr did u get ur sheets. am hunting high and low for some refreshing retro prints. aussino is soo overpriced at times.

Kaye Prince said...

Hey Dash! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

You can actually see a pic of the Jane Austen auction figure if you follow the hyperlink (i.e. in my post Jane Austen action figure is a different colour, if you click on it, it will take you to the Amazon page for it).