Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An Attraction Formula, Perhaps?

Its intriguing;the art of attraction. We go to a club, we doll up, pick up a pretty dress, put on some sexy shoes and we are off. We smile at random strangers who make eye contact, we are our super friendly selves and great conversationalists. With the help of alcohol off course. A date with a guy at the local cafe? The opposite. We dress down, bring out our most natural selves, indulge in cookies and hot chocolate and really get to know the other person. In restaurants? Halfway between the two settingsI am guessing. All in the name of attraction.

For me, attraction always came slow. I do not get attracted to the hunk in the opposite table or the snazzy dresser in the office. Attraction for me takes a long time. Its when I know the person inside and out and realise, he really is nice and I might like to date him at some point.However, by this time, off course,he has turned into my best friend. Winning formula. Lol.

So how does attraction arrive for you ladies? Early on when hes dressed and speaks nice? When he makes you laugh? Do share your stories!


Dionne said...

I have always been attracted to intelligent, quietly-confident men. I like a guy who is sure of himself, but not in an overt way that makes looks like a facade. I can't stand it when a guy is full of himself. I have always been attracted to dark-haired men - this all pretty much sums up my husband, hahaha.

marinik said...

humor is a big one for me..

Anu said...

i may get attracted to guys on the spot, but if it continues or not depends on his personality. i like a guy with a sense of humour who has the ability to stimulate my mind and that is usually discovered with time. :)