Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blogspace To Let. $25 per square cm.

***Disclaimer: Full blown rant ahead!***

My most relaxing moment after I come home from work is reading blogs. Its something I look forward to.I completely cherish my one hour or so that I can sit in front of the computer and just let my mind wander/travel. There are many aspects of blogs that Iam stupendously in love with and am absolutely in awe of. Interesting experiences, the things that make people tick all around the world. I am always, constantly astounded on how human experiences are similar despite being in different parts of the world. But most of all? I treasure my connections with my fellow bloggers. I like reading about their day, their daily to-dos, how they like their coffee served etc.

I have a bone to pick though. I realise some peoples blogs have turned out into ad spaces rather than personal blogs. Selling out on a personal blog to market products? When does it go too far?

For me, at least, they go too far, when "Really, sista?" is the first thought running through my head after reading the post. Ill be the first to admit, I do recommend blogs I like or unashamedly lust for handbags or clothes publicly on my blog without second thoughts. I participate in giveaways, cross my fingers and hope to win.But come on. Some people literally shove their friends wares down your throat at every given opportunity. Every single post.

So my question is, where/when does the selling stop? I walk into the office, and my colleagues (bless their souls) are trying to sell me their homemade chocolate cakes, savouries,etc. I come home, I switch on the idiot box and am bombarded with Happy Meal and travel advertisements. I like Ronald-we share some great memories, but I really dont need to be reminded of his existence every 15 minutes.I try to eat dinner, but some telemarketeer has found home phone number and is convincing me to buy spanners. I kid you not. I try and read blogs, and again, have to filter the 'adblogs' out.

I tell you what. I ve had enough.

Am I the only one on this ? Am I paranoid and reading too much into this or do you feel the same way?Tell me your thoughts, ladies!


Dionne said...

I hear ya! I really get turned off by blogs that advertise so much it seems like they are an extension of a company, not a personal blog. Geez! I sooooo agree!

Kaye Prince said...

I get it! I used to work in Internet advertising, so unfortunately I *used* to be one of those people who put the ads out there, but they still annoy the heck out of me!

Thanks for your lovely comments Dash! I always love it when you stop by because your comments always make me smile. Maybe you should try taking up sewing? Start with something small that you think you'll use (like an iPod or cell phone case, or something like that) and see if it blossoms. You'd be surprised at hoe easy it is to get hooked once you get going!

Anu said...

U r so right...blogs with lots of ads are not personal, u can't 'feel' it.

Nishant said...

if it blossoms. You'd be surprised at hoe easy it is to get hooked once you get going!

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