Friday, December 31, 2010

Season's Greetings!

2010, like previous years, was a mixed bag of love, family, friends, falls, dreams, lessons and new adventures. Tonight, I am going to usher in the new year at a barbecue party with family and friends whilst sipping some champagne, dancing to horrendous 80's music (for some reason- my family loves ABBA and MJ ) and talking. I cant think of a more perfect way to celebrate 2010:)

Heres a list of to-dos I hope to achieve in 2011
  • Expand my set of friends
  • Get active
  • Attend more parties
  • Manage work better
  • Save some $$
  • Laugh more
Any to dos on your list for 2011? Do share! Happy New Year all and wishing you the best in 2011!


Dionne said...

Here's to New Year's Resolutions and keeping them! (i am so bad with mine, so bad that i didn't have any the last few years for fear of breaking them)!

Dionne said...

Hey girl! Just popping in to say howdi!

Miracle said...

I love it!! I suggest making a vision board for these goals... you will be shocked at what come from it! :)

Dash said...

Dionne: THanks for stopping by, its really nice having u around:)and dionne, u dont exactly need to make resolutions, ure doing soo much everyday already!

Miracle: Actually i just bought a soft board so i can make a vision board this weekend! Looking forward to the fun, and thanks for the tip!