Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Colouring Cravings

I've had a really strong urge in the past few days to colour with oil pastels. When I close my eyes, I can feel their creamy surfaces gliding on my sketch pad. Red, green, yellow, blue and my personal favourite; gold. Make no mistake, I am no oil pastel art genius. I also loved snapping them till they break into bits, just to test how tiny the flakes coulld get. Oh, and one time, I sprinkled brown crayola flakes on vanilla ice cream and served them up to my sister. Naturally, after that episode, I was not allowed to own any crayon by the parental unit till I was 12. :):)
So this post, is a tribute to crayons, which remind me of simpler times, and are the stuff of kid's dreams. Not very many other things can do that.

Colourfulll yours:):),


naturally nina said...

What a beautiful picture, and I totally get those cravings too .:)

Anonymous said...

I love crayons! My daughter is obsessed w/them these days and sometimes I get a little too into coloring hello kitty and dora with her!

rock on!

Dash said...

Hey, guys, thanks for commenting! Its really a pleasure to see what you think!

naturally nina: I just googled crayons and there are really some unbelievably amazing pictures!

blobbinginbed: awww...that is so cute! im sure these are the memories she will take with her when shes an adult!