Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Unforgettable Teacher

I have had the pleasure of meeting many, many different faces these past weeks, simply because I took up a position in a university. New roomie,(I share an office with her), new colleagues and a brand new boss. I am super pleased to report that I now work 8 hours a day (yeayy!!) like normal, sane members of society and am having a blast so far.

On a different note, I have to confess though, that sometimes, I miss my university (where I completed my postgrad program). My supervisor, lecturers, the community as a whole. I was in complete awe of my supervisor and working with him was the single most greatest experience in my life. So much so, I stayed on some extra months just so I could work on some projects with him.

You see, my supervisor was my one unforgettable teacher. He was an intellectual. He was kind, and smart and very encouraging, and liberal, and patient and really all of the great things I dreamt of in a teacher. I owe my passion in academics to him, I owe my sense of achievement to him, but most of all, my want to become a better human being? All him. Truth is, I never even gave a thought to self improvement/betterment until I met him and spent days (literally) wondering how it was that he could be perfect. Surely, he must have had his fair share of struggles and triumphs. Yet he views everything/everyone with a fresh set of glasses. No projudices or judgements attached. I wanted to be like him. He was my person. So when it was time to move, I did it with a heavy heart, and a constant guilt pang, and a sinking stomach that resurfaced every now and then when I let my mind wander towards my unfulfilled dreams.

Today, however, after a whole year, I had the privilege of meeting a certain professor at a training session, who once (a year ago)struck me as the kind of person I would want to work with. Again, he is kind, and smart and really someone I look up to. I have done my research on the topics he covers, the man that he is and his various achievements. So with mybreath held, I gathered whatever was left of my courage to speak with him during the lunch break. I told him of my research topic and my plans. He paused, I fidgeted anxiously. He took a breath, and said, " It'll be my pleasure."

I am ecstatic. :):)

So tell me,girls, who are your unforgettable teachers? What made them your unforgettable teacher?


Dionne said...

I love this post! I love hearing about special people who encourage and inspire. And that's awesome that you've found another 'mentor' - I think mentors are so important.

For me, my Art teacher in High school was awesome. He really encouraged me to continue on with it after school. And then my Graphic Design teacher in college. I remember counting down the minutes in all my business classes so I could race across campus for my design classes. My teacher there was my biggest cheerleader. We became friends and we still talk over email today.

Kaye Prince said...

That's awesome Dash! I'm glad that you're feeling a lot better and have a great new position.

I would have to say that Prof. Cohen, one of my University profs, was my favourite. Not only was he a great teacher, he was also very understanding while I was having some medical issues, and even wrote one of my recommendation letters when I applied to grad school (I got in, so it must have been good!).

marinik said...

well.. congrats...
my first grade teacher is still my fave... only because when she spoke to any of us (her students) she bent forward to our level and looked right into our eyes...she was one special lady..God rest her precious soul

Anu said...

My unforgettable teacher was my grade 6 primary school teacher, Ms Sri Yogamalar.

At a time when many teachers went by the book and the boring school curriculum, she went out of her way to teach us about life and encouraged us to be our true selves.

Although it's been more than 20 years since I've seen her...I know I will never forget her.

P/S - Love this post!

Dionne said...

Hey Dash. Just popping by to say hi - haven't heard a post from you in a week, just wanted to say i miss your updates!