Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

These are my favourite months in the year. I ve got so much holiday spirit (saved up from the first 9 months) that Im almost brimming over! I think it must be in my genes, because, I have to say, my family is the same! But first, its time to dress up, and strut out as characters we would never dream of emulating in everyday life. The delicious magic of Halloween!

I remember a long time ago, I used to play dress up with my mum's dresses, heels 5 sizes too large, and fake pearl necklaces. I would pretend I was the Czar's wife and mimic her stony look in photographs, or Benazir Bhuto completing mylook with the mandatory shades, shawl and heels, Those were really fun times!

So this year, with my brimming over holiday holiday spirit, Ive decided to dress up as Patch Adams. Patch Eve in my case. :) Ill be spreading cheer, telling funny stories, and just being silly. I cant wait!

Ladies, do indulge and tell me what are your favourite costumes and what did you dress up as a kid!


ps: I love an idea in Nina's blog to send Christmas cards out to my readers via snail mail. If youd like to receive a Chrismas card from me, do send your address by Nov 20th to And dont worry, I too will not give it out to any other persons or organisations. I just think its a wonderful way to connect!


Kaye Prince said...

I think that's such a great idea Dash - I'd love to take part in getting a Christmas card from you. I'll email you and if you'd like send me your address and I'll send you one too!

Good luck on my giveaway!

Dionne said...

Ooooh Patch Adams! What a fun idea! I love it!

I will email you my address, we can do a lovely Christmas Card swap!

Janean said...

my...what a big nose you's...distinguished! too, too sweet.