Monday, June 8, 2009


Tad nervous today as I am undergoing minor surgery tommorrow. I dont know exactly what I am nervous about though. Its fairly routine for the doctors, I think. Well, I hope. Which means that I probably will be posting more (yeay!) or not posting in a while. I am taking this opportunity to apologise in advance if the latter is the case. On a brighter note, I will be away from work for a few days for some well deserved r&r. If I may say so myself. Till then, darlings!


marinik said...

hope it's nothing serious Dash, good luck and get some good rest and recover soon :)
p.s. thanks for all your comments

Anu said...

Hope all goes well with your surgery and that u continue to blog sooon...Take care.

Kaye Prince said...

Thanks for coming over and commenting on my blog!

I hope that you're hospital stay isn't too serious and that you are "right as rain" soon :D

Dash said...

Everyone: Thank you for the wishes and comments. Am concentrating on getting better now, which means more bed rest and lots more posts coming up!