Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Retro Reads

Archie proposed to Veronica! Admittedly, throughout the years, the chemistry was undeniably apparent between Archie and Veronica, but I still secretly harboured hoped that he would choose Betty. Sweet, loyal, lovely, gorgeous Betty. Still, congratulations to both Archie and Veronica. From what I read, Jughead is to be the best man, and Veronica intends to ask Betty to be her maid of honour.

I personally think Archie will rethink this proposal, frolic with both girls, for say, another decade or two before making his final decision to get married.

What are your thoughts, girls? Who should Archie have proposed too? Do you think Betty will accept to be the maid of honour? How do you think this will end?


Dionne said...

OMG really??!!! I used to read Archie - wow! I am bummed he picked Veronica, I thought she was too self-absorbed and materialistic.

marinik said...

ok since i have no idea who archie or veronica or even betty are, can't comment.... but this archie guy in the picture you posted looks like a "player" to me.... :)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Veronia was always my favorite...cause she was "the bad one" lol.

Anu said...

I had always hoped that Archie would choose Betty...but like u said - there's still a chance! LOL. I still love reading Archie's comics today.

Dash said...

Dionne: So did I, so did I!! hope ure having a lovely trip in cali as we speak!

Marinik: archie is this retro comic strip (still very popular) about a guy-archie and two girls. Veronica-the hot rich sort of clueless bimbo with a 'silver' heart, and Betty his loyal best friend whos totally in love with him. He cant decide. Actually its been like 40 years and dates either one of them at any point in time.In a gist;)

CTS: Thanks for stopping by! Will stop by your page really soon, and im glad im meeting a veronica fan at last!

Anu: I love reading Archie comics even now too!It really takes me back to a simpler time, where choices were between good and bad, black and white.