Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When I Grow Up

This will be first dream/vision board that I am working on. Numero uno. Which might sound daunting to some folks, but frankly, I was raring to go. Arts and crafts are totally my thing. Bring it on. I love assembling pretty pictures and talking about myself. Plus, I googled 'vision boards' and have seen some really amazing samples. So, easy peasy, right?

Wrong!!:):)What started off as a fun project has now forced me to reflect and re-evaluate my goals, the person I want to become and really what my purpose here on earth is-short and long term. It's a tad overwhelming, simply because I realised very quickly after that I dont have clear goals or objectives.Which I now know is the perfect opportunity to deciphering my dreams. One dream at a time. How much more fun can you ask for?

Heres a snapshot of what might be on my dream/vision board as of this minute. Unfortunately, I seriously lack the ability to collate images on my computer-even with photoshop, but I hope this inspires you to create your own vision board and turn your every dream into a living reality. Cheers to the adventure!

    Note on Picture 1-5
    1. Living Well
    2.Landing My Dream Job
    3. Meeting a man like my secret crush, Dr. Oz
    4.Visiting the Taj Mahal
    5. Getting a bedroom makeover
                                    Off to Decipher Dreams,


                                  Dionne said...

                                  I love finding inspiring images and putting them up to head towards a goal. Good luck on your quest!

                                  Dash said...

                                  thanks dionne! am still working on it, but i think its going to be amazing!

                                  Dionne said...

                                  I replied to your comment on my blog about Australia on my comments, but thought I would send it here too in case you don't see it on my page:

                                  yep, I'm an Aussie. Australian born and raised. I was born in Sydney, but when I was 10 my family moved up north to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. After college is when I moved to the US.

                                  Never been to Perth, but I am going back to Australia next year with friends for a holiday, so we might check out Perth then.

                                  What brought you to Perth?