Monday, March 9, 2009

Paying Chivalry Forward

It makes my day when I happen to catch an act of kindness. Or chivalry. On Saturday evening, on my way home from the beach, an old Asian woman got on the bus (my route) and we were about half an hour into the journey when she realised that she caught the wrong bus. It certainly didnt help that she parked her car15 minutes in the opposite direction. She decided to inform the driver. As I tried to get her bearings sorted out in my mind, a young man probably about 18-20 years of age, sprung up and offered her a lift home. Normally, I would advise friends and family never to wholly trust strangers, but this guy, he sounded genuine. She accepted. Still skeptical, I walked up to her, gave her my mobile number and told her to ring me as soon as she got home, so I'd know she was safe.

20 minutes after I reached home, she called. She told me that the young man drove her to her parked car, and tailed her till she got home as it was dark and he was worried. She went on to say she couldnt believe how kind people were this part of the world. She was a tourist. She gave me her number and promised to write. Best of all, she promised to pass the favor on.

The hero for the day- the young student who drove her home, no questions asked,- I will never forget for that simple act of kindness. Especially in a world where young executives refuse to sacrifice their seats for pregnant women on the train. That Saturday, he taught me an important lesson too. Trust. I too, promise to pass the favor on.

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Dionne said...

Wow! That is amazing. And you played your part in it too, by giving her your number to call you so you know she made it ok. That's so lovely to hear!