Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Its been a pretty long time since I felt really tired and ready for bed. Im not an insomniac by any stretch of imagination, but really, being jobless does take its toll after the first 2 months. So its a great relief today that at midnight (which is early for me) I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. i atttended 3 interviews today and went for one medical check up running up and down town. Baby steps, it is.:)


Anu said...

Enjoy the sleep...:) And may u have good dreams.

Dionne said...

Ah yes, being jobless can certainly keep you up at night. It's hard to get that kind of thing out of your mind.

I hope that this weekend brings you lots of good sleep! And like Anu says - good dreams!

Dallas Diaries said...

I kinda want to be jobless right now so I can do what I really want to do.

But then I worry about rent.

And then I go back to my excel spreadsheet job.

Dash said...

anu:' thanks! had a really good sleep!

Dionne: Thanks for the support and wishes, it really did work!

Pri: Oh my god, i am about to start an excel spreadsheet job too!! but hey, whatever it takes to keep use chasing our dreams, right?